Last Post, Goodbye Everyone!

This is the last post of the semester, and the last post I will be making on this blog. It was a fun little project, but I have a personal blog I use and do not intend to keep posting to this one. So, what to say about my experiences blogging this semester?


One thing I took away was how to look at a book from a different perspective. Usually, I either read them entirely for pleasure, or solely to learn a new idea. For example, I would read American Gods for the entertainment, and The Trial to better understand the relationship between man and mechanical organizations. However, writing the book reviews, I think that I have improved combining the two styles of reading into one. I know I am not putting this newfound skill into words very well, but let me try to explain with an example. Normally, I would have read a book like Slaughterhouse-Five, and only seen it as an absurd piece of fiction. I use the word absurd in a good way I should note. However, reading it with the intention of getting others to read it made me look at the book from both sides of the spectrum. From entertainment and informative. What I took away from the book was a new way of thinking about war, and a new way of telling a story.


The other thing I took away from this blog (not to sound cheesy) is reading my fellow classmates blog posts. Usually when I read book reviews or analysis, it is from the perspective of a professional, or someone who has been doing it for a long time. It was pleasant to read from the perspective of fellow students my age. Oddly enough, I liked it more than a regular review, because it felt more applicable to myself as a reader. I’m more likely going to experience a book the same way as a fellow college student than a 45-year-old critic. Not to say I’m going to stop learning from experienced readers. It was just refreshing to read from a different point of view.


I don’t know how else I should wrap up this post wrapping up my blog, so here is a photo I took at Vegfest Gainesville 2017. I was a volunteer photographer and had a blast shooting there. Goodbye everyone!




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One thought on “Last Post, Goodbye Everyone!

  1. I agree that blogging has impacted how i will look for my next book. I think that reading peoples thought on the book is a good tool to have. I enjoyed your blog this year, have a good summer.


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